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Can You Take Bipolar Meds With Adhd Meds

I just wanna know if anyone has any experience with adhd meds while bipolar. I'm terrified of having another manic episode because it absolutely derailed my life, but I'm really struggling because of executive dysfunction. TLDR; adhd and bipolar - afraid taking meds could trigger a manic episode. Would love advice and experiences :) We met with her therapist last week and she recommended prescribing ADHD meds to help. Just wondering if anyone else has to take these meds on top of your other meds.

And if they worked. The wife is taking Geodon100, cymbalta, buspar, and 1500mg Depakote. They didn’t say the specific med that would be added for the ADHD. However, it is possible to take a med for bipolar and one for adhd and not have them interact negatively. For example: Straterra, which acts solely on norepinephrine for adhd, plus an ssri for bipolar. A combination like this would be fine. The most important question, to me, is: ‘What is the circumstance in which these meds would be considered?*

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